Session 3 – Enrolling Now!

NEW in Session 3 – Receive access to the Orientation Class on our Assignment Portal and one of our Minecraft maps within 1 week of enrolling! No more waiting for class to start to begin playing!  View Classes Now

An Insider’s Look at Minecraft Homeschool

This video will walk you through our assignment delivery system, curriculum, and server environment.  Please take the time to review this video if you have questions about our program and how it would fit into your upcoming homeschool year.

Benefits of Minecraft Homeschool

  • Learning is FUN! Students are assigned weekly lessons that include online videos, informational websites, and Minecraft assignments to apply their learning.
  • Teamwork is required! Students must learn to work together and respect each others space to maximize results.
  • Technology is here to stay! Typing, TeamSpeak servers, Minecraft servers and understanding the basic workings of the server/client relationship are side effects of living in a Minecraft world.
  • Fits Your Schedule – You can study, perform tasks, and work with classmates on your own schedule. Each week we expect you to do the out of game work first, and then login to the server to perform the week’s in-game tasks.

CLASSES do not have a required meeting time. We simply ask that all out of game work be completed before you allow your students to join the server and work on build assignments each week. Students have from Monday morning until 8PM EST Friday to complete all assigned work for the week. 

QUESTIONS??? Email info@minecrafthomeschool.com for more info!

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