Mysterious Maya – Overview

The Adventure
Join us on an adventure through the Ancient Maya Culture of Central America! The Maya are shrouded in some of the deepest mysteries known to archaeologists! Dive into this mysterious world and see if you can solve the puzzle of their history. Students will be given weekly study assignments that may include a YouTube Video, website to read, and/or images to review. Use of Redstone will be taught each week as well in our Redstone Laboratory.

Weekly Highlights
Many Cultures rose to power in the Americas during the time of Europe’s Roman Rule and Middle Ages. During this class we will dig into one of them – the Maya. Weekly topics include:

Week 1 – Who were the Maya? (The Temple of the Giant Jaguar)
Week 2 – Temple of Inscriptions
Week 3 – Palenque, the City of Water
Week 4 – The Well of Sacrifice (PVP)
Week 5 – Adding Adventure to the Maya

*Requires a 75% grade on quizzes through week 5 to attend. All other students will be removed from the white-listing during this time.  Students who remain will be upgraded to Operator Status and given the chance to learn the tools our Game Masters leverage!

The Server
Hundreds of hours have gone into the development of each of our maps. They are created as Adventure Maps with tons of things to explore. Game Masters are always hiding chests with fantastic tools, weapons, and more, so keep on your toes and if you are bored, wander around. You never know what you will find!

Advanced Class
9 to 18 – Graded and suitable for replacing curriculum.
Cost – $15.95 for 5 weeks

Lite Class
5 to 15 – Ungraded creative environment for learning and application.
Cost – $9.95 for 5 weeks

Time Requirement
At least 3 hours per week – Minimum 1 hour of study and 2 hours of game-play.

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